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California Department of Industrial Relations Posting Requirements

California employers are required by the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) to post information related to wages, hours and working conditions in an area frequented by employees where it may be easily read during the workday. 

Below is a list of postings required by the DIR published on its website.  For more information, follow the links provided below, or click here for the DIR frequently asked questions.  It is important to note that this list is not inclusive, and other state and federal regulations may apply.


Additional information and quantity needed

Who must post

Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) wage orders

IWC wage orders regulate wages, hours and working conditions and are numbered by industry or occupation group. Not sure which order you need? Use the alphabetical index of businesses and occupations to make that determination.

Which wage order(s) do you need? A maximum five copies of two different orders is allowed per business.

Labor Code section 1183(d)

All employers

Minimum wage (state)

Sets forth California’s minimum wage and can be downloaded in English and Spanish.

All employers

Payday notice

Must specify the regular paydays and the time and place of payment. An employer-developed notice is permitted.

Labor Code section 207

All employers

Safety and health protection on the job

Contains pertinent information regarding safety rules and regulations. Available in English and Spanish.

Labor Code section 6328

All employers

Emergency phone numbers

Lists emergency responders' phone numbers.

Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Construction Safety Orders section 1512 (e)

All employers

Access to medical and exposure records

Provides information about rights of employees working with hazardous/toxic substances. Available in English and Spanish.

Title 8, California Code of Regulations, General Industry Safety Order section 3204

All employers using hazardous or toxic substances

Operating Rules for Industrial Trucks

Employers using industrial trucks shall post and enforce a set of operating rules. Available in English and Spanish.

Employers operating forklifts and other types of industrial trucks or tow tractors

Notice to employees--injuries caused by work

Advises employees of workers' compensation benefits. Claims administrators and employers need to revise the notice they are currently using and send it to the DWC administrative director for review and approval or they may download and use this version. NOTE: Employers may obtain professionally printed copies of the poster and workers’ comp claim form from their claims administrator.

Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Division of Workers’ Compensation section 9810

All employers

Notice of workers' compensation carrier and coverage

States the name of the employer's current compensation insurance carrier, or the fact that the employer is self-insured. Obtained from the employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier.

Labor Code section 3550

All employers

Whistleblower protections

Must be prominently displayed in lettering larger than size 14 type and include a list of employee rights and responsibilities under the whistleblower laws, including the telephone number of the whistleblower hotline maintained by the office of the California Attorney General.

Labor Code section 1102.8

All employers

No smoking signage

Signage must be posted designating where smoking is prohibited/permitted in a place of employment. This law is enforced by local law enforcement agencies.

Labor Code section 6404.5(c)(1)

All employers

Log and summary of occupational injuries and illnesses

(Cal/OSHA form 300)

Form 300 is for logging recordable injuries, form 301 is for collecting details and form 300A is the annual summary form. All three forms are available in various downloadable formats with instructions on the Cal/OSHA publications page.

Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Division of Labor Statistics and Research sections 14300 et seq.

Employers with 11 or more employees in the previous year

Farm labor contractor statement of pay rates

Reference DLSE poster 445. Must be displayed prominently where work is to be performed and on all vehicles used by the licensee for transportation of employees. Must be at least 12 inches high and 10 inches wide.

The downloaded version of this posting may not comply with the law as it may not be at least 12 inches high and 10 inches wide.

Labor Code section 1695(7)

Farm labor contractors licensed by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE)

Prevailing wage rate determinations

The body awarding any contract for public work or otherwise undertaking any public work shall cause a copy of the prevailing wage determination for each craft, classification or type of worker needed to execute the contract to be posted at each job site.

Labor Code section 1773.2

Public works awarding bodies and contractors

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