Maintaining A Motivated And Happy Workforce

I recently discovered the blog "Building a Better Restaurant" by Jeffrey Summers.  If you are in the restaurant business, it is definitely a blog you should subscribe to

Jeffrey's recent post about 16 ways to grow your staff's loyalty is a good reminder to all employers about how to keep your employees motivated and working for you.  He writes:
Employees matter. No, really, think about it: Your competitors have access to the exact same resources as you—which means infinite choices exist for your customers, and for your employees as well.
Jeffrey lists the following as the ways to keep your employees happy:
1. Don’t misrepresent your culture.
2. Learn the rules of engagement.
3. Cross-pollinate your culture.
4. Be a good corporate citizen.
5. Give praise where praise is due.
6. Get creative with benefits.
7. Be aware of the changing needs of your employees.
8. Great employees thrive under great leaders.
9. Conduct “stay” interviews regularly.
10. Create a “best” work environment.
11. Help employees achieve work/life balance.
12. Insist that your employees take vacations.
13. Create an environment of trust.
14. Get rid of weeds.
15. Use internship and mentoring programs to grow and nurture new talent.
16. Take a seasonal approach.
To read Jeffrey's entire post, click here

With all of the recent press about legislation to prohibit "bullies" in the workplace, Jeffrey's post is a good reminder about what employers need to do keep employees happy and that market forces will penalize a "bad" employer in terms of high employee turnover and low customer service.  Also, as a practical matter, employees will eventually leave your company, but if they feel that they have been treated fairly, they are less likely to pursue legal action against a former employer out of spite.
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