Bill Making "Familial Status" Protected Category Passed by CA Legislature and Given to Governor

SB 836, introduced by Senator Kuehl, would add “familial status” to the list of protected categories in the employment context. It has passed the California legislature, and now awaits the Governor’s signature or veto. 

The bill states:

In connection with unlawful employment practices, the meaning of "familial status" includes being an individual who is or who will be caring for or supporting a family member.
   For purposes of this section:
(A) "Caring for or supporting" means any of the following:
   (i) Providing supervision or transportation.
   (ii) Providing psychological or emotional comfort and support.
   (iii) Addressing medical, educational, nutritional, hygienic, or safety needs.
   (iv) Attending to an illness, injury, or mental or physical disability.
(B) "Family member" means any of the following:
   (i) A child as defined in Section 3302 of the Unemployment Insurance Code.
   (ii) A parent as defined in Section 3302 of the Unemployment Insurance Code.
   (iii) A spouse, which means the partner to a lawful marriage.
   (iv) A domestic partner as defined in Section 297 of the Family Code.
   (v) A parent-in-law which means the parent of a spouse or domestic partner.
   (vi) A sibling as defined in paragraph (c) of Section 362.1 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.
   (vii) A grandparent.
   (viii) A grandchild.

Surprisingly, there has not been much attention paid to this bill, which is the first of its type in the country. We have previously posted about AB 836 here and here.  I am sure the Governor would be interested in employers' perspectives about this bill.  He can be reached via email through his website here. 

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