Keith Oberman sues Al Gore's Current TV for Wrongful Termination -- Olbermann Broadcasting Empire v. Current TV, LLC

Political commentator Keith Olbermann was recently terminated from Current TV, a start-up political network backed by Al Gore.  The well-publicized termination involved allegations of not showing up for work and being generally insufferable.

Olbermann has now filed his own wrongful termination complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that Current TV breached the contract first due to its incompetent production of his show.  The gist of his theory is captured in the opening paragragh:

After being enticed to leave MSNBC and come to Current with promises of editorial control, freedom from corporate influence, and the professional support to produce a high-caliber political commentary show of the type his viewers have come to expect, Keith Olbermann was disheartened to discover Al Gore, Joel Hyatt, and the management of Current are no more than dilettantes portraying industry executives. 

Oddly, while the Complaint is supposedly premised on Current TV's breach of contract, it fails to allege any specific facts establishing the formation of a valid contract, the terms of the contract, or how the alleged conduct (if true) would have been a breach of any particular contract term.    

Olbermann's attorneys undoubtedly realize this makes the lawsuit legally defective on its face.  So the omissions probably stem from one of two reasons, either: (a) the Parties have struck an agreement to keep the contract out of the public record to avoid embarrassment; or (b) the  Complaint is not really intended not as a serious legal pleading but more of a lengthy press release (which is immune from defamation liability as a public filing). 

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